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Education & Consulting around India and Japan's culture, work culture etc 

江戸川印度文化センター Edogawa India Culture Center (EICC)


All the live music concerts at Edogawa India Culture Center were stopped owing to Corona virus spread. This has caused lots of inconvenience to our guests as well as the performers. If any performer would like to broadcast online from our culture center, please feel free to contact us. We will offer as much support as we can. All the best.



The Edogawa India Culture Center (EICC) is ready at 6-23-11 Higashi Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 1340084. EICC is an initiative to spread right information and education about India. EICC is hosting classes on yoga, languages, cooking, art, music, classical dances, contemporary dances, movies, culture and philosophy etc. Live music and dance concerts are also organized from time to time. 

At this center, you can see large size hand carved wooden Indian altar, a large lord Ganesha idol made from a mix of 8 metals, Indian musical instruments, ethnic clothing, turbans etc and many many posters on Indian clothing, tourist spots, foods and so on. Please do visit the center. Admission is free. You can wear the clothes, turbans and take photographs. Stay tuned to this webpage and our Facebook page for updates.

EICC Kasai hall Activities  EICC葛西会場 活動

イベント詳細は次をご覧ください    For event details please see

Cultural study

We organize classes for yoga, tabla (Indian percussion), languages (Hindi & Sanskrit) etc mainly during weekends.  Indian & Japanese teachers collaborate to teach the subjects.



Live concert & movie watching

We organize live concerts for music, dance etc and movie watching shows all around the year. The information is offered mainly through Facebook page of Edogawa India Culture Center.



Ganesha Festival

We organize a grand Ganesha Festival around September of every year. You can see special decorations, a set of special sweet offerings and join us for atharvashirsha chanting.




印度寺院 Indian temple





We have an Indian altar/temple in the Edogawa India Culture Center. A hand carved beautiful altar. It takes more than 6 months to carve such alter from teak wood. You can touch the altar to feel the softness of its carving. This altar with height 2m approx and breadth 1.5m approx weighs more than 150kg. Teak wood is very strong against water and insects.

And in this altar, sits the ashTadhaatu Ganesha idol made from alloy of 8 metals, weighing around 75kgs. India has known the technology to create alloys, for centuries. Multiple metals were mixed in right quantity and at right temperature so that the idols gave out the best natural frequency. This Ganesha idol is studded with original coral, topaz and turquoise which further increases the power of the idol. Along with Ganesha sit many gods like Krishna, Lakshmi, Hanuman etc. 

The altar/temple is on the 2nd floor. The entrance is from the restaurant on 1st floor. As you enter the hall, you can feel the light smell of incense stick. Inside there is a bell hanged to the roof. When you ring the bell, its sound echoes for a long while. Try clearing up all thoughts from your mind while listening to this sound and improve your concentration.

 This altar/temple does not belong to any faction and does not call for any donation of funds. Feel free to visit the hall/temple any time between 9am and 9pm from Tuesdays to Sundays. Mondays are holidays. In case you wish to visit the temple in other time or wish to arrange for ceremony etc, please contact us.


印度・日本文化・ビジネス研修 India - Japan cultural & business training


Edogawa India Culture Center (EICC) conducts cultural and business training seminars on India and Japan, using its own training materials. We have conducted such training for multiple companies and local bodies.



印度(インド)進出やインド人(技術者など)の向かい入れを企画されている日本企業向けのトレーニングセミナーを開催。セミナーの前半では印度の一般概要、政治、歴史、教育、経済と印度進出企業やその課題について説明。 セミナーの後半では印度人の生活・ビジネス習慣、日本人の習慣との違いを徹底的に比較し、印度滞在(短期出張と駐在)中の注意点について説明。

Know India, know the Indians

Seminar to support business with India

Training seminar for Japanese entrepreneurs & companies willing / planning to start business in India or work with the Indians. The first part the seminar includes lectures on demographics, politics, history, economy of India, foreign investments in India and the major challenges faced by these investors. The second part of the seminar includes a detail analysis of behavioral practices of the Indians and differences with those of the Japanese. The last part focuses on key caution points during an expats stay in India.



日本への進出や日本人(技術者など)の向かい入れを企画されている印度企業向けのトレーニングセミナーを開催。セミナーの前半では日本の一般概要、政治、歴史、教育、経済と日本進出企業やその課題について説明。 セミナーの後半では日本人の生活・ビジネス習慣、印度人(外国人)の習慣との違いを徹底的に比較し、日本滞在(短期出張と駐在)中の注意点について説明。

Know Japan, know the Japanese

Seminar to support business with Japan

Training seminar for non-Japanese entrepreneurs & companies willing / planning to start business in Japan or work with the Japanese. The first part the seminar includes lectures on demographics, politics, history, economy of Japan, foreign investments in Japan and the major challenges faced by these investors. The second part of the seminar includes a detail analysis of behavioral practices of the Japanese and differences with those of Indians / non-Japanese. The last part focuses on key caution points during an expats stay in Japan.

Cultural events at EICC

EICC in NHK Chikochan

EICC was used for shooting the NHK's most popular 'Chikochan ni shikarareru' programme for 4 times until Jan-2023. Everytime a song was shot to introduce the old Indian cultural stories. 


Ganesh Festival

EICC celebrates Ganesha festival every year in the month of August or September. Puranik family's traditional Gauris are also decorated during the festival. These Gauris have been a part of the family for 100s of years. Lots of sweets are made and offered. Please join us for group chanting of Atharvashirsha mantra and singing of aarti's during the festival. For exact dates of festival, please check the FB page.



Yoga classes

Yoga is not just about poses (Asanas) or physical flexibility. Yoga is also about knowing our own existence through right breathing and meditation. As EICC, we conduct two separate batches, (1) for adults only and, (2) for kids (above 6years) & their parents.



Chakra meditation and yoga

There are 7 chakras from coccyx to crown. In order for people to have healthy and happy time, all of these 7 chakras must be balanced and well activated. Chakra meditation and yoga keeps the body and mind healthy and brings inspiration for life by introducing good energy from outside world and pushing out bad energy.



Open house on Indian culture

EICC periodically organizes open house sessions on Indian culture arranging talk shows and exhibition. People get an opportunity to hear genuine information about India and talk to Indians



Experiencing Indian dresses

At EICC, we have many regional Indian clothing, turbans etc. Please feel free to try any of these dresses. You may also hear to explanation on Indians clothing, marital wears. Please visit EICC to know more.



Mantra Chanting

The sounds/pronunciations in Sanskrit have mysterious power, calming down your heart and making you feel powerful. And when scriptures written in Sanskrit are read together, the sounds resonate through our bodies, creating a special atmosphere.



Bhajan sandhya

Bhajans have lively melodies and repeating choruses that are easy to sing. Bhajans tend to appeal to the masses and are an important component of community and village life in India. Usually sung in groups, one person sings followed by the choir. 



Kathak dance lesson

At EICC, special session of Kathak dance classes was arranged with Nadbramha for 5 days in May, 2017. Dr. Madhuri Apte gave lessions to a group of around 15 people. Lessons covered theoretical basics and elementary steps.



Sarod lesson

At EICC, a special session of sarod lessons was arranged in August 2017. Anupam Joshi who visited from India, guided 5 students for 15 hours over 5 days. He taught basics of Indian classical music and taught basic notes of sarod.



Know India, Know Indians - Corporate training

'Know India Know Indians' is a wonderful program to understand multiple facets of India and Indians from demographics, history, education, food, industry, regional differences, behavior of Indians and comparison with that of Japanese and much more.

印度を知る、印度人を知る - 法人研修


Know India, Know Indians - Volunteer training

As the relationship of India and Japan betters and number of Indians in Japan grows year on year, more and more Japanese are interested in knowing about India and Indians. EICC happily conducts voluntary lessons to impart this knowledge.

印度を知る、印度人を知る - 法人ボランティア研修


Computer classes for the elderly

EICC conducts computer classes for elderly people, on 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon. Word, excel, internet usage, mobile phone / smart phone usage are covered in the lessons from basic to medium complexity functions.



Walkway to EICC from Kasai station 葛西駅から江戸川印度文化センターまでの歩く道